How To Move Out And Get Independent

So you want to move out, live independently. Fair enough. I mean, who wants to be told what to do and which decisions to make 24/7, right? So you have just finished high school and can’t wait to go to college to get you as far away from home as possible? Or are you just one of these people that are commonly referred to as, well, I wouldn’t say slacker, but I think you get the idea? In case you still lack a reason to move out besides your age, your parents might even bluntly ask you to leave.

So there you are, all by yourself. You might find that you cannot quite handle all the responsibilities that are coming your way on a daily basis. If you haven’t found it necessary to pay board to your parents thus far, you will find yourself faced with an additional burden: money. Your fridge doesn’t automatically fill itself? You don’t say. On a side note, should you choose to ignore all these lovely little letters you will receive – at least – on a monthly basis, somebody will eventually come around your apartment and demand their fair share of your hard-earnt (?) money.

So you don’t want to be “all by yourself” because that reminds you of bad chick flicks? How about getting a flatmate? But be wise: you might want to check the news if some notorious serial killer escaped from prison. While you’re at it, you might as well as check their account balance, in case they are planning to “stay without pay”.

So you have successfully moved out, finished college and got your degree (Congratulations!), but you find that working isn’t really your cup of coffee? Well, you might as well give it a shot and move back to your parents. You’re welcome.


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