Rewinding Time

My grandfather, a rather wealthy and well-known farmer from a little town called “Schlierbach”, had one secret desire his wife, my grandmother, didn’t much approve of. Ever since she could remember, he had gathered books of his one desire, had marvelled at the pictures, had marvelled of a different place far away from here. My grandmother must have thought this would just be a fading phase, one of many he had delvelopped thoughout the years. When he wouldn’t stop going on about it, she would usually not bother to listen anymore and went to the kitchen to do more productive things. What was so productive about dreaming anyway”? she grumbled, “it doesn’t feed your family”. And that, after all, was the point, was it not? My grandfather’s “silly little phase” didn’t pass though. The desire of getting to know the place that he knew from the pictures grew stronger until one day, much to my grandmother’s dislike, he told her goodbye and jumped on the first flight to Canada. More flights were yet to come because as it turned out, the beautiful pictueres in the books that he had red didn’t do justice to the real impression, the experience of diving into a completely new world, breathing it all in and actively enjoying the landscape, the quiet and the people’s amabilité. Back in his little country and the even smaller place called Schlierbach, my grandfather couldn’t get his mind off Canada. Someday, he told himself, he would move there. The time just had to be right. He couldn’t leave Austria just yet. Schlierbach – or Austria in general, was a rather mountainous country. Since my grandfather owned an impressive amount of grounds that consisted mainly of steep little hills, it was sometimes a rather dangerous undertake to do harvest the crops. One day, my grandfather was out in the hills, aiding his brother Engelbert who was using the tractor in the rather steep areas. I don’t know whether my grandfather was afraid for him because it seemed a rather risky undertake and I am sure that if my grandmother had seen it, she would have shaken her head in disapproval and declared “I would never do such a thing! You guys must be weary of life, eh?” in such a loud voice that would scare off any kitten, bird or other living thing on the farm. She then would go on working in the kitchen. She always did that.



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