Her biggest wish was to go up to the sky, pick one particularly bright star and bring it down to earth to shed some light into the dark of people’s hearts. As far as she was concerned, she didn’t think she had the means to reach up that high though. Surely, she had been on aeroplanes, but they never took you nowhere nearly to where one could find them. All she could observe from up there were clouds – and people’s cloudy faces. The second excruciating fact that kept her down to earth, she reflected, and she was sure that this would not be the only obstacle that would hinder her from attaining her goal, was how to pay for the star once she got a hold of it. Certainly, she wasn’t poor, in comparison to indigenous people in Africa who had to walk for miles and miles to find a well, however she wasn’t rich either, if she compared herself to the average joe in her country. And even if she were to go the extra mile to the sky, with enough money in her pockets, how would she know which currency they would be using way up there? She didn’t think she was good at negotiating with aliens. Angels perhaps, but not aliens, who might send her right back down to earth. And even if she knew which currency they used up there, she was afraid, that under normal circumstances no regular bank would perform such a currency exchange. And as far as she knew, the circumstances were usually normal. They (whoever “they” were), had always told her to reach for the stars. But how was she supposed to, when the sky was out of her reach?


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