Thoughts About Life

Q: What are you really bad at that you’d love to be great at?
A: Sometimes I wish life were as easy as pie. One’d have to make no effort or whatsoever to get good at something. This would mean, there would be no failure and everything that it brings with it: shame, social ostracism or a loss of wealth. Of course  there wouldn’t be be any success stories either. Certainly, this would be a rather monotonous existence. There would be no outstanding people with no outstanding talents. We’d have no idols because there would be no-one we could look up to. We’d just be our own idols. We wouldn’t even have to believe in God because we’d think of ourselves as Gods.
I for one would like to be a genius. I’d love to develop new mathematical or scientific theories in order to improve people’s lives. I’d speak 10+ languages effortlessly and I’d have an eidetic memory. Speaking of effortless, everything would ideally fall into place for me. I’d watch from a distance as I’d get a promotion, perfectly well-mannered children that I didn’t have to raise because they raised themselves, love and respect from everyone that’s around me that I’d never have to return and of course there’d be no-one that would envy let alone hate me. Come to think of it however, this kind of life seems rather depressing to me. Maybe what us humans need is a challenge in life. Maybe we need to try our hardest so we can claim the fruits of our work, may they be negative or positive. Maybe we want to take responsibility for our actions and not let them  fall into place or steered by some outside force. Maybe we want to be in control of our own fate. Or maybe we don’t know what’s best for us and that’s why we don’t get to choose to have it all too easy in life.

Q: When asked, what’s the one question you always answer with a lie?
A: I think the one question that everyone answers with a lie is the answer to the question “How are you”? You know, oftentimes it is not used in order to make real conversation but is posed rather out of a habit than out of interest. So naturally the standard answer to this standard question will be “Good”. It’s just smalltalk that is supposed to break the ice between two people. Imagine if two strangers met and one of them would ask the other one how they were doing and they’d actually get an honest reply and a long explanation why one was not doing well. In most cases, that would just lead to bewilderment.